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Seriously?!? [Monday, February 1st, 2010
@ 1:32am
For the longest time, I've been asked two questions that I am sincerely bored with. I answered these shit countless of times, and I was sort of hoping I got my message across and my answer heard; but I guess not.

Please stop asking me if I'm Atheist and if I'm still a virgin. Seriously.

1. No, I am not an Atheist. I am sort of Agnostic; if you don't know what that is, let me break it down for you. I doubt--- I DO NOT reject the existence of God. I don't worship and pray often, because I think medyo plastic ako if I do. I talk to Him in my own way at my own time. I dislike going to church every Sunday since I want it not to be a tradition, I want it to be voluntary therefore much solemn.

My mom knows about my "weak" faith, and she hates me for it. She once caught me texting during mass, and when I was asked why..."boring eh." At least totoo diba? I'm sorry but it really is boring. 

I have tons of friends na hardcore believers, we remain friends naman kahit I'm not exactly like them. They tried to talk me out of it pero siguro it'll take time. Saka respeto na rin for our own beliefs.

2. Yes, I am 100% virgin. I mean, come the fuck on!!! I've been single all my life, so don't expect me to get it on with the very next guy I meet! And yes, I intend to remain this way not until I see a ring on my finger. Sabi nga ni monica, No ring, No entry. hahahaha

p.s diba we all came from Adam and Eve? If that's so, well somebody had to do somebody? And I thought that was forbidden?

I kid! I kid!

p.p.s please don't hate me? I've never hated anyone with different belief. This is mine, you can have yours. Friends? I love you.

p.p.p.s if unfortunately I can't find the guy that would marry me...I might break my No ring, No entry rule. Just a heads up. :) So, Mr. you, come and get me asap!

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until then, Casanova [Thursday, January 24th, 2008
@ 2:58pm
[ mood | so soon, so young, so hot ]

The only thing I hate about you is why you left so fast, I haven't even finished Casanova.

But then again, this and this picture makes me forgive you.

Thank you for being not so hot,  yet you make me smile like an obsessed fan every time you do that bad ass look on your face.

And mostly, thank you for breaking your back doing that awesome movie. cheers!


Joaquin and Peachy was THE 90's [Thursday, January 24th, 2008
@ 1:22am
[ mood | cookie and pancake ]

Remember the time when you would buy loads of Pritos Ring, Cheese Dog, Pom Poms, Richee, Tarzan, Texas, and that chocolate Rebisco Sandwich, and eat everything veeerry slowly just before the dreaded siesta as your yaya starts to watch Valiente?

How about Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing? Sigurado may fieldtrip pa school ninyo dati sa set ng Batibot.

Eh, remember singing "...nananana nanana nanana...woooaaah" and "...i'm walking on sunshine wooaah" every Saturday? Ako I do. Well, what can I say batang 90's ako

andun pala si ciara?!


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olawanporkrismas [Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
@ 11:43pm
[ mood | no more classes!!! ]

thirteen days before christmas...perfect time for christmas shopping, please remember that christmas is about our lord God, our families, and most importantly GIFTS! So don't forget to get me these, no need to  wrap, put ribbons or whatever, JUST GIVE IT TO ME!!!

Lomography Fisheye 2 Camera

Red Holga Camera

Actionsampler Camera By Lomography

Both are the same things from my birthday list.

pretty pleeeeasssee!!! I know you love me! show it this christmas and give me these!! For the cameras, I prefer the Red Holga hahahaha. you love me, and you know it! now give these to me!

or if you can wrap YOWZA, and ship him here, that will be pretty neat.

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aba! globalization!? [Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
@ 7:09pm

grabe! they have The Promise at Target!!!

I was trying to watch it at youtube but unfortunately the account was banned na ata. I want to watch this since nakalimutan ko i-record yung Hihintayin Kita sa Langit, which is one of my few tagalog movie favorites, eh sabi this movie (The Promise) has that Hihintayin vibe. so yun.

na surprise lang ako. yay.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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21 [Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
@ 1:54pm

I'll be turning 21 in 21 days on the 21st.

I still have much left to conquer, much left to do. Yet,, I'm already tired. I just want all these to stop.

I just hope it'll be a Happy birthday.

*was meant to be posted last 9-30

shubes [Thursday, September 27th, 2007
@ 2:43pm
well...suprise, suprise.  saw g.anne at Marimar (wtf?!) aral-aral daw ha! umuwi ka na dito!

looking for JV Villar? the fucking hot reporter from ABS-CBN?!

well, search no more! I found him a week ago. saw him, tangina gwapo pa rin! I didn't actually knew na it was him pero I was entertaining the idea that it was him...

convo with self

ako: gwapo to ah, may kamukha...

tinignan mula ulo hanggang paa*

ako: ganda ng porma nya ha


ako: kamukha nya yung reporter na laging nagtu-toothbrush
ako2: imposible, ba't naman mapupunta dito yun!?
ako: pero kamukha nya talaga eh..ayun JV Villar
ako2: di sha yan imposible talaga

*may babaeng dumaan na maarte mag-lakad*

ako: arte nun ah, taba naman, liit pa

tinitignan pa rin yung babae*


kuya: sige, goodluck sa exam
JV: o sige salamat

JV to me*

JV: uy sige *wave*
ako: *smile + wave*

shempre diba kung di dumaan yung matabang babae mafi-figure-out ko agad na si JV nga yun! haha


saw lots of movies over the weekend. Shooter, Apocalypto, The Good Sheperd, Disturbia, Knocked-up, Deja vu, and Fracture. Gotta love Red Box!


I seriously, honestly, frankly, really, love these.

track top: $80+ s&h sizes: L and XL (i'm small)
tee: $28+ s&h sizes: S, L and XL

fuck!!!!! birthday ko na sa 21!!! give me either one!!! pleaaaaaaaaaase!!! I'll kiss your ass, lick your feet, I'll be your slave forever!!!!!
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hotness [Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
@ 3:41pm
ratemyprofessor.com helps a lot when you're trying to get As on your transcript. So yeah while I was looking for a great, non-stressful professor for my Technical Writing class, I decided to look for my past professor to see how well they do on the ratings, then I thought of Mr. Paul Galloway, my Art Appreciation class professor. On the site there's a "hotness" rating, since Paul is SO FUCKING HOT!!!!! I decided to check him out, for some reason he wasn't on the list of professors. Anyways I searched him on friendster then viola! Still as hot as ever. fuck him for being gorgeous.

His works were featured on NY Times for fuck's sake!! how can that not be hot?!

He once told us that he likes girls who wears tweed jackets with leather elbow patches, thus I own one now. hahahaha



My take on this issue may seem biased kasi I grew up watching Eat Bulaga. Pero whatevs I'll take my shot.
I am torn on this issue, kasi I think that the wheel was designed na may 0 na talaga sa loob then they'll put 2, 1 or .5 nalang para mas madali ipagpalit-palit every game.

pero pwede din na may pandaraya talaga. ay nako ewan!

Pero I heard that DTI would put up an investigation for the "scam" but really? seriously?! 71 have already died from that fucking show but what?!?! was there any charges filed?! NONE! so I seriously, absolutely doubt if anything would progress with the investigation on Wilyonaryo.


My mom finally said yes to my plan na i-shave legs ko, pero now that I thought it over parang ayoko na ata kasi being balbon is ME. I grew up having people come up to me saying "wow ang ganda naman ng balbon mo." Plus my nanay/tita, as far as I can remember would put lotion on my legs then she'll tell me how to spread the lotion para mas maganda tubo ng balbon, she'll always talk to me while hinihimas yung legs ko. THAT was my childhood memory, having her lecturing me about my balbon.

so if ever I got her approval for my plan, what do you think?

to shave or not to shave?
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i was just thinking... [Thursday, August 9th, 2007
@ 10:33am
if ever i get raped, i would kill myself. kasi i took care of myself for so long, i take my virginity seriously then all of a sudden biglang mare-rape ka, If ever my guilt takes over before i commit suicide, i sure will go crazy. seriously.

i am the black sheep of the family. i lie EVERYTIME, i got drunk at 14, had my first cigarette when i was in 6th grade. i curse my mom, dad, sibs at their backs. I am pretty much the weed in the family.

i am stupid. academically that is. I'm not like my sibs who are all As, i don't take studying seriously (well not until last summer) I am actually the 'latak' of the family. you see, my dad's the area manager for the luzon at NPC, my uncles are bar top notchers. hell! when i went to mapua last time and told them Juguilon ako, they were like 'institusyon juguilon dito ah,' told them, 'sila lang yun'  hahaha, my aunts are doctors, nurses, teachers, pucha even my grandfather was a dean at UP! diba?! eh i didn't even tried taking the UPCAT, kasi i was pretty sure na i won't make it. I feel so stupid everytime there's a reunion of some sort.

pero when i come to think of it, proud ako sa kanila, naks!

yun lang. hahaha

haaay boring dito pucha.
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oh fuck... [Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
@ 10:06am
so okay here's the set up.

i have a quiz tomorrow, logarithms.
test on friday (day after tomorrow) (3.4-5.5).
test on tuesday (6.1-8.3)
finals on wednesday (1.2-8.3).

holy Mr. Vance Clen!!!!! JESUS CHRIST!!!!!


nakaka-asar pinoy. I know that i might not be in the right position to criticize pinoys since dito ko nakatira, pero still pinoy parin ako. kasi diba?! reklamo na walang ginagawa, pag may ginawa reklamo na naman!

nung nasa pinas pa ko lagi kong naririnig sa drivers mapa-fx, jeep, or kung ano man na, "...nagbabayad ka wala namang ginagawa" pertaining to toll fee.

tapos nung umuwi ako jan.

fx driver:  anak ng...may ginagawa na naman?! perwisyo na naman yan! di na matapos-tapos yang ginagawa na yan!

i was like, what the fuck?!?!

dati gusto may mabago, ngayon may binabago nagrereklamo.

gusto ng asenso, ayaw naman magbago, or ayaw naman sumunod, or mas matindi pa, ayaw naman makipag-cooperate! pag may pinaplano di pa nasusubukan, kinakastigo na agad!

pag may sinabi si GMA babarahin agad di pa nga naaanalyze. tapos magrereklamo, "wala nang makain" "ang hirap ng buhay"

ano bang gusto mangyari?! bawat pinto ng bahay sa buong pilipinas eh katukin para subuan sila?! para bigyan ng tulong? ano ba naman yun diba?! parang mga juan tanga na ayaw abutin yung bunga ng bayabas hinihintay nalang na mahulog! i mean..if there's a will there's a way.

e anong aabutin wala namang bunga?! dude maghanap ka meron yan di ka lang naghahanap!

tulungan naman kasi, wag yung naka-piggy back lang. walang mangyayari eh.


aish wala pa yung crush ko.
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[Thursday, July 12th, 2007
@ 9:58am
as of 9:58am CT 1 hour nang airborne si g.anne, miss ko na agad yung gaga!

nung inakap ko kahapon after ng movie naiiyak ako pero pinigilan ko kasi nakaka-hiya, basta miss ko na si g.anne agad.

di bale pag di ako nakapasok this fall...see you soon!


saw Harry Potter last night/dawn, last full show, after ng despedida ni g.anne derecho Edward's. di naman kami mashado mukhang nag-field trip?! 11 lang naman kaming nanood sabay-sabay. si Lileth, Rona, Ate, Jun, Japs, G.anne, ako, Mike, John, kuya, Junjun. went home at 2am.  di ko naintindihan HP kasi nakakatulog na ko in between ng scenes. aish

pero before that soooobraaaang pagod! daming pinuntahan after kami sunduin ni Rona! biruin mo may iba-iba palang klaseng bible?! jusko ni-isa wala pa kong nabubuklat! nagpaikot-ikot kami buong Houston para lang sa Serendipity bible na yun! tapos nagpaikot-ikot kami sa Sam's, Circuit City, at Best Buy para lang sa dvd player na ipapasalubong ni lileth! juskolord! tapos pumunta sa Chinese restaurants para mag-order ng to-go, uminom ng fruit shake sa Ice chuva-chuva. at bumili ng chips, chicken, ice, at beer sa HEB. At di pa yun! nung nasa bahay na kami, may nakalimutan pa, edi balik na naman kami sa Walmart para sa chicken na wala naman palang deli yung walmart na napuntahan namin end up buying chips instead, punta sa Randall's bili ng chicken dapat wala naman pala, bumili nalang ng cake, punta ng Fiesta para sa Tequilla, in the end wala kaming nakuhang chicken.

after all that, nag-pack pa kami ng box at luggage ni G, at nag-linis ng bahay. aish. miss ko na si G.
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summer I [Friday, July 6th, 2007
@ 2:56pm
I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for two days.

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Gigantic Love [Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
@ 3:16pm

A recent undated photo of China's All Star NBA centre Yao Ming (R), who has kept his love life closely guarded from the media, with his teenage sweetheart Ye Li, in Beijing. Yao and Ye will wed in August, after an eight-year courtship, in a private family ceremony possibly in Shanghai, where they were born, met and began dating.

wala lang, bigla lang naging hot si yao ming sa paningin ko nung nalaman kong ikakasal na sha..hahaha kamusta naman kaya magiging anak ng mga yan?

jusko po lord! malapit na atang magbitak-bitak yung utak ko!!! 1 more week tapos na! help me through it!

1000 of the 7,107 islands to be submerged due to global warming? please, God don't.

Seriously, napaka-ganda ng pinas, nabababoy lang dahil sa katarantaduhan narin ng mga pinoy. sana talaga ma-reverse, and yung mga hayup na illegal loggers, dapat recrusion perpetua tapos lethal injection dun sa mga bosses nila! pucha ang ganda sobraaaaaa ng pinas para ganunin. isa pa yung mga hayup na politicians taena tama na naman sana yung kurakot, eh kung inaayos lang yung sistema tangna lang malamang na maibalik pa natin yung dating "Pearl of the Orient"

kaya imbes na mag-landi, mag-tanim ng trees at magpatay ng unnecessary energy, at ayus-ayusin ang pamumuhay!

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Marimar aww! [Saturday, June 16th, 2007
@ 12:58am
sabi gagawan daw ng remake marimar..ayoko nga!!! ba't di nila gawan ng remake yung SUPER TWINS!? o kaya yung MAJIKA o kaya yung PEDRO PENDUKO! wag na marimar! ang ganda ganda ng memory ko sa Marimar sisirain nila!

ayoko ng Sergio na di mabalahibo yung dibdib, ayoko ng marimar na di parang bouncy na bata! ayoko ng ibang Fulgoso! ayoko ng pari na di black! ayoko ng hindi si corazon na may prutas sa ulo!

naalala ko pa dati may scene na namatay yung "tatay" ni marimar chineck nya yung pulse, iniisip ko pa dati baka nalalaman dun kasi pag di ka na humihinga may mawawalang buto dun. ganda ko!

tapos yung proof na si marimar eh anak nung don eh nasa isang pirasong index card lang parang ganun basta!

basta i-spare na nila sa mga remake-remake na yan yung marimar! kung hinde..lalaitin ko ng lalaitin lahat ng cast, pati yung show, pati si fulgoso, corazon, pati yung bewang nung magiging marimar pag di yun 19"! isusumpa ko sila!!!


tangina talaga ba't ba kasi nauuso pa yang remake-remake na yan! ubos na ba ideas para sa bagong shows?

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NO FUCKING WAY!!!! [Thursday, June 7th, 2007
@ 10:55pm

it is definitely over!

Dr. Burke won't be returning to Grey's for another season!

OMG!! I mean his homophobic slur is out of the line, but he is part of the anatomy of GA! come on!! he rocks!

and after his "vows" OMG!!! JEEZAZ!!!!

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sudoku [Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
@ 3:49am

first time to try sudoku seriously and looky here! I solved the freaking puzzle!!! (just the easy mode though)

4am + 2 chat confes + monica's layout crisis + solving sudoku puzzle...PRICELESS
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Kuya [Saturday, May 19th, 2007
@ 5:32pm

so now I have to make 2 paper planes, 2 paper boats, 2 fire truck...I basically have to do everything by twos now. Welcome Marc Jerin "Jack" Juguilon

and to kuya *hi jake* you will always be my boy.

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... [Friday, May 18th, 2007
@ 2:16pm

farewell to the king of novelty.
salamat sa idea para sa username ko sa multiply.
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"ate penge PELA" [Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
@ 9:46pm
so okay...i didn't actually like her back then. well...we never really talked (except when she joined our play, "Dalawang Mukha ng Kagubatan"). pero my bro's ex DAW, is nominated for the Candy Magazine Teen Model Contest so to my beautiful people, lend me a hand here.

vote online here and vote via text by typing CANDY TEEN MODEL KAREN <name> <email> <birthday> and send to 2948 for Globe, Smart and Sun subscribers.

*one text vote totals to 3 votes for the candidate, so it'll be much better kung mas maraming text votes. haha

TS GO GLOBAL na ito!!! hahaha
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where's AMA/STI/ABE college when you need one? [Monday, May 14th, 2007
@ 10:21pm
back then I'd stuck my nose up high whenever I see AMA/STI/ABE students, feeling superior coz i'm studying at some school rather than theirs na pang-masa...what? stuck up bitch? sure am!

pero tangina right now i'd be so happy to have AMA/STI/ABE-ish schools around houston where i can get in without any trouble.

US schools freaks me out. drives me crazy. makes me cry. it basically just scares the shit out of me.

AMA/STI/ABE do have nursing courses na diba? OMG!!! those sons of bitches are so lucky! you see nursing schools here in US asks you, requires you...demands you to do all things as if you're entering some law school or medical school.

here...you are asked to

1. take numerous exam (THEA, NET, COMPASS, SAT), then
2. you must have 2.0 and above GPA, 3.0 science GPA, 3.0 Nursing GPA---that's if you're trasferring.
3. tapos kailangan pa ng letter of chuva something, basta yun na yun.
4. tapos essay.
5. tapos yung pagkamahal-mahal na application fee! jusko! eh yung pag-take nalang ng tests ang mamahal na ng fees! pati pagkuha ng transcripts mo!
6. then there's the interview..FUCK ME HUNDRED TIMES!!!!

tapos IF ever you're lucky enough to get in the university, you must not...i repeat MUST not flunk 2 subjects. if you flunk 2 subjects..YOU ARE DONE!!!

dismissed ka sa school..and it'll take 2 years before you can re-enter..and the freaking system won't let you just get in just like that..you have to talk to the board of education and prove them that you can really make it this time..if you can't prove nothing...well...time to re-think your future.

eh pucha yung doctor na jan, nag-nursing dito bumagsak pa! tangina naman!

sa pinas...ANAK NG PUTA!!!

nag-take lang ako ng isang exam nakapasok na ko!!! tanginang yan! UNFAIR!!

now, kung sino man nagsabi sakin dati jan nung umuwi ako na mas mahirap ang nursing sa pinas...please take it here and let me know how you find it.

haaay..sabi nga ni Landon, "...the only way around is through"

***Disclaimer: no offense meant to STI, AMA, ABE students. Nadala lang ako ng quick count.

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